Surroundings of Breda

City & Nature

What do you think of the surroundings of Breda?

Come to the Mastbosch Hotel and visit the surroundings of Breda. When you are searching of a lovely place to relax, but also have the possibility to shop, walk around, cycle and explore the nature, then you have come to the right place! Hotel Mastbosch is situated at the edge of the 500- year-old Mastbos with its various hiking trails, a free walking trails for the dog and the castle Bouvigne, there are great trips to explore Breda.

In 5 minutes you are in Breda city centre

If you want a bit more activity, The city centre is highly recommended. Breda as 'Nassaucity' has been called 2nd best city centre for a Dutch city trip. We are very proud of that! The city center is also a good place for guests who like to know more about the History of Breda through various walking routes. The city center has a diversity of shops for a day of shopping. On several dates there are a lot of differtent Events in the city centre, City parc Valkenberg. Music festivals such as: Jazz Festival, Breda Barst, Dancetour, Hartje Ginneken. There are also more sporting events such as: Outdoor Brabant, ParaGames, Eneco Tour, Mastboscross, which generates a lot of activity in the inner cit, but also in the rest of Breda.

✽ Shopping, Walking, Cycling and lots more!✽

There is a lot to do in Breda


City & Nature

A day out

From our hotel, the city centre is easy accessible by bicycle, car, taxi or bus. If you want to walk towards the city centre, it will take you about 30 minutes, which will mainly run on the Baronielaan. From Hotel Mastbosch the nearest buss stop is 3/5 minuts away, that will automatically lead you to the city centre. You can also rent bicycles at the hotel, making you very mobile and flexible to explore the different parts of Breda and the surrounding area. If you stay in our hotel for several days, you can also ride a number of beautiful cycling routes along the Mastbos outside the inner city of Breda and Ginneken. One of these is the Markdal route that will take you along the Mark towards Meerseldreef.

Breda City Centre

In the city centre of Breda there are a lot of parking garages and parking lots available, which are well marked on the traffic signs. When you want to stay closer to the hotel, then Ginnekenmarkt is very suitable. Ginnekenmarkt is situated on 15 minute walking distance from our hotel an has a lot of nice cafes, restaurants and several shops. Ginneken has his own events like: Ginneken Fair, winter festival Ginneken and the Ginneken Fair