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Breda has a beautiful and rich history, it is in fact a very important Nassau city and because of that there are still a lot of beautiful monuments to see, like the "Grote Kerk" (Big Church). It is the 9th biggest city in The Netherlands and it is located in the lovey province of Noord-Brabant. Because of this, it is also called the Pearl of the South. The Burgundian side of Brabant you can definitely find in Breda, thanks to the amount of bars, cafes, restaurants and several terraces. Also for anyone who loves shopping , Breda is a fantastic city with a lot of different shops to wander around. Breda is for everyone and everyone is more then welcome in this great city. We are very enthusiastic about Breda and we hope you will be too. There is so much to explore, it's worth staying the night in a hotel in Breda to make the most of your visit.

Overnight stay in a hotel in Breda

Who wouldn't want to wake up in a hotel in Breda; The most beautiful city of The Netherlands? Breda has a lot of possibilities to offer for staying the night and discover the city the day after. For example, you can stay in a bed & breakfast or a hotel. Do you prefer to sleep somewhere a little bit cheaper, you can stay in a hostel or go camping. This is most definitely an option in Breda. From a hotel in Breda to a campsite, everything is possible!

✽ Shopping, Walking, Cycling and lots more!✽

There is a lot to do in Breda

Shopping in Breda

Besides the various lovely hotels in Breda it is also a fantastic city to shop. The city has a lot of designer shops, in Ginneken for instance. But also areas like 't Sas, the Houtmarkt or the Barones are great places to do some shopping. In this time of corona the shops have taken all the appropriate measures , so that everyone can shop in a safe but pleasant way. There is even a phonenumber: 0611778060 you can call or text to find out if the city is busy. You will get a text message which will tell you how busy the area is in real time.  Weekdays are probably the best time to visit the city centre, it will most likey be quieter then on the weekends, when everybody is off work.

Nature in Breda

Breda has an incredible lot to offer. Think about the numerous cosy cafes, restaurants, bars and other nightlife venues. But also have look around you in Breda. From Breda you are in beautiful, green nature in no time, such as Markdal or Mastbos. Here you can walk or cycle and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Get away from the crowd and find some peace and quiet in nature. Breda is also called the green city. After one visit to the city you will know why. A hotel in Breda can be located in natural green surroundings but also in the middle of the city centre.

Fun activities such as bowling and laser tag are also possible. A nice boat ride on the waters of Breda is also an option, especially when the weather is good, this is an absolute must. Watching the latest movies with a nice bowl of popcorn in the cinema is also possible in Breda. And so you can see; Breda has a lot to offer. From educational to enjoying nature, everything is possible. You will never get bored here. Take a city walk along all the highlights of the city, have a drink on a nice terrace and discover the beautiful nature in Breda. And this is all possbile at a safe distance with the necessary rules and precautions.........

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